• Orient Express
  • Southern Belle
  • Great Northern
  • Missouri Pacific
  • Marakesh Express
  • Calais Coach
  • Katy MKT
  • Trans-Siberian Railroad
  • City of New Orleans
  • Reading Room

The Orient Express

Rental Rate: $125/Night + Tax

Orient Express

The Southern Belle is our Most Popular Room among guests.
It is a large room overlooking the Railroad Track & the Blackwater River Bottoms. It has a small seating area, with a quaint fireplace!

Rental Rate: $125/ Night + Tax

Southern Belle Bed

The Great Northern Railroad

Rental Rate: $105/ Night + Tax

Great Northern

The Missouri Pacific Railroad

Rental Rate: $105/ Night + Tax

Missouri Pacific

The Marakesh Express

Rental Rate: $89/ Night + Tax

Marakesh Express

The Calais Coach

Rental Rate: $89/ Night +Tax

Calais Coach

The Katy MKT

Rental Rate: $105/ Night + Tax

Katy MKT

The Trans-Siberian Railroad

Rental Rate: $105/ Night + Tax


The City of New Orleans is a Beautiful Suite with a Private Entrance to our wonderfully appointed gardens, a Fireplace
& Television

Rental Rate: $125/ Night + Tax

New Orleans Room

The Content & Pictures for this room will be online very soon! Sorry for any inconvenience!